Bird Free ‘Fire Gel’

Bird Free Fire Gel
First introduced to the UK from its native Korea in 2011, Bird Free Gel has been used with great success in a variety of situations.

Bird Free Gel is a food safe orange gel that emits ultraviolet vapours that appears to birds as fire. Additionally, the gel gives off an odour which is a deterrent to birds. Bird Free Gel is completely harmless to birds and its effects are invisible to humans.

Bird Free Gel can be used to protect ledges or flat surfaces but unlike spikes or a post and wire system, is almost entirely unnoticeable from the ground as it is applied in low-profile 8mm high dishes.

Bird Free gel is highly durable and is not affected by adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

In the photos below, Bird Free Gel was used to deter birds from landing on the parapets, ledges and windowsills of this building.


Bird Free Gel installed on a ledge at a retail store in Bournemouth
Once installed, Bird Gel cannot be seen from the ground
Bird Gel is applied in low profile dishes