Fouling Clearance

Bird fouling removal services by Bird Management Solutions
Bird fouling contains many bacteria and pathogens that lead to potentially fatal illnesses in humans. Because of this, only trained and suitably equipped personnel should attempt this task. Bird fouling is classified as controlled waste and under recent regulations, bird carcasses are now classified as clinical waste.

Neither fouling or carcasses may be disposed of with normal household/commercial waste and can only be carried in licensed vehicles.

The Procedure

When removing bird fouling the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must always be used. This usually consists of P3 respirators, nitrile gloves and coveralls. Before commencing fouling removal works we treat the area with a biocide to neutralise any harmful pathogens. We then remove the fouling and nesting materials and place them in strong, sealed plastic bags. The bags are then placed either in special hazardous waste skips or taken away from site to be disposed of in the appropriate manner. Any Pigeon carcasses found will be taken away for incineration as these cannot be placed in skips.

Once the removal works are completed, we then carry out a further biocide treatment to kill off any remaining pathogens.

We refer to the above procedure as a ‘bulk fouling removal’. Once this has been performed, we can carry out additional cleaning services if required. Please see our ‘Other Services’ page for more details.


Pigeon fouling on a spiral staircase of a church
Pigeon fouling in the plant room of a shopping centre
Pigeon fouling on a balcony of a flat
Pigeon fouling on air conditioning units