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AviShock™ is an electrical bird deterrent system developed by Network Bird Ltd. It is not bird proofing in the conventional sense in that it does not provide a physical barrier against the birds, nor is it a scaring device. Instead, it modifies a birds behaviour by touch, deterring them from landing on ledges with a harmless but disconcerting electric shock in much the same way as the electric fencing used on farms.

AviShock™ is suitable against all kinds of birds and is one of the most discreet forms of bird deterrent available, making it a popular system with architects. Due to its flexible track system it is also uniquely suited to rounded or curves surfaces such as signages and statues.


AviShock™ consists of a flexible plastic track which is glued in place on the leading edge of a ledge. Separate sections of track are joined together using jumper wires to form one long continuous circuit. The system is then connected to an energiser unit which is plugged into a standard power socket.


AviShock is both discreet and effective
AviShock is powered from a normal mains socket