Case Study - St. Michaels Church, Bournemouth

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In early 2016, we carried out a number of works at St. Michaels Church in Bournemouth.

Initially we just asked to remove Pigeon fouling from the bell tower. Some essential repair works we being planned to stop water leaking into the rooms under the tower but it wasn’t safe to access due to the amount of Pigeon fouling that had built up over the years.

We removed over 60 bags of Pigeon fouling along with carcasses and nesting materials. The fouling was placed in sealed plastic bags before being placed in a hazardous waste skip. Carcasses were removed separately to be taken away for incineration. The area with then treated with a biocide to neutralise any remaining harmful pathogens and make the area safe.
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Over 60 bags of fouling were removed
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… and after
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The bell tower, before…
While carrying out the works it became apparent that Pigeons were also getting in to a roof above the chapel adjacent to the bell tower. The church asked us to stop the Pigeons getting in.

We installed stainless steel welded mesh over the louvres at one end of the roof and closed the door at the other end. We also replaced a missing roof tile.
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Installing welded mesh
Pigeon fouling from the roof space had also fallen through the ceiling and into the chapel below, contaminating the floor and a large number of kneelers that were being stored there.

While removing the kneelers and decontaminating the floor, the church also asked us to remove a large number of unwanted items from the foyer next to the chapel which were very dusty and mouldy.
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A whole builders skip full of unwanted items were removed
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The area was decontaminated afterwards