Chimney Cages

Chimney cage to prevent Gulls from nesting.
Gulls nesting on chimneys can be a serious problem. Apart from the noise and mess they create, nesting gulls are very protective of their young and have been known to attack people and pets just for walking out into their garden.

The young can also fall out of the nests, which can be a very distressing situation and cause the adult birds to become even more aggressive.

A build up of nesting materials on top of your chimney stack can also lead to the potentially dangerous problem of blocked chimneys and flues and can also cause insect infestations.

While individual chimney pots can be proofed with chimney caps or spikes, Gulls usually nest in the space between the pots.

A chimney cage is the only permanent solution to prevent gulls from nesting on a chimney.

The cages are constructed from 12 gauge steel welded mesh and are made to measure on site to fit your specific chimney stack. The cages are constructed with a pitched ‘roof’ that will prevent the gulls from landing on top of it.

The cages are screwed into the stack and once installed, should last a lifetime. We have installed cages in many coastal and clifftop areas that experience very high winds and have never had a report of them coming loose.

The work is usually carried out from roof ladders, scaffolds or a cherry picker. The size and location of the chimney will determine what kind of access we use. All our quotations include any access equipment needed and there are no hidden extras.

If you have a problem with gulls nesting on your chimney, please call us now to arrange a survey and free, no-obligation quote.

Please note that we cannot install cages once the gulls have begun nesting.


Due to its proximity to the sea, this cage was constructed entirely of stainless steel and fitted using stainless steel fixings.
Steel chimney cage to prevent gulls from nesting. This cage was made nearly 20 years ago and is still in great condition.